Premium Quality South Indian Curry Sauces

  • No Chemicals

  • Pure Ingredients

  • No Preservatives

  • 100% Natural 


Passionately Made Delicious Curry Sauces

Jeyel’s brings the true taste of South India to meal times with authentic recipes fusing the sultry, exotic tastes of South India in easy to use, freshly prepared sauces. Following the passion of true South Indian cooking the recipes are tailor-made to bring out the best in specific meats and vegetables. An explosion of rich flavours true to family recipes going back over three generations.


The first sauce we tried was the korma. This was the eye-opener. It wasn't the coconut and cream heavy korma we tend to find. It's potent aroma hits you as soon as we opened it. We used this with lamb, & it tasted wonderful. There was no oil spilt when cooking it. It has wonderful flavours and an extra kick more of spice that separates it from most Korma sauces. 

Neil Pacey


Originally from South India Jeby moved to the UK and was surprised to find very little in the way of South Indian food in local supermarkets.
Having spent many hours in the kitchen cooking with his mother as a little boy he remembers the sights and smells of the exotic ‘LAND OF THE SPICES’ well.
These memories of cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients inspired Jeby to recreate the tantalizing flavours of his family’s traditional recipes here in the UK.